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Tail tidy that comes with the T7


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Ive been working on the bike most of the day. Got rid of the ulgy pumkin blinkers up front replaced with some sequential led lights. Also cleaning up the tail. Removed most of the tail. I cut a license plate holder out of rubbermaid can. And mounted up to remaining tail section. Still have to add blinkers wich i will drill into part of the tail that i put plate on. Coming along good and way better then stock. I did remove license plate light will add small led bolt when i get my permanent plate. 

License plate is solid and will hold up well it still has metal bracket holding everything up. Here is some pics should give everyone an idea what i did here. 




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I also added my usb plug to the empty socket on dash. That was fun had to pull a lot apart to get acess to that. Have had a ton of the bike apart today.  Now im pretty familiar with all the body work and wiring on this bike. Will be finishing rear blinkers tonight.  Then have a set of pro taper bars Windham mid bend but im going to wait to do those until my heated grips arive. 




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As far as details on tail tidy. Have to remove rear body work. 

To get to tail light wiring.  Unplug all tail light wiring.  Then remove entire taillight assembly and take everything apart. Crazy amount of fasteners.  You are trying to get rid of these 2 pieces in pics. I didn't cut anything except blinker wires cause im reusing those for new blinkers. Once these to large pieces are removed then put everything back together like it was stock. Then cut a piece of rubbermaid trashcan to the shape of your license plate and bolt up to remaining tail use low profile bolts cause they will sit under your plate. I actually used 2 pieces of rubbermaid can stacked on top of each other to make plate holder more sturdy.  And used spacers in recessed areas where plate bolts to tail. 

Side pic with sharpie mark is where im going to mount rear blinkers. 

Im using the same blinkers as the ones i put up front.  





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Blinkers done everything went pretty good with home brewed tail tidy. Plate angle is up a little higher then i like but shouldn't be an issue. 


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It is a hell of a job but i did mine using the tail tidy by yamaha, very pleased with results.60AC1B09-38D6-4860-AD32-C7CF5DAABB46.thumb.jpeg.fd7e26a1eb08953f0f49ae93bc8f6bf7.jpeg



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