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Luggage weight


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So i'm buying the last tools/spares for my long trip. but I want to upgrade my rear spring before the trip.

But sins I don't have it all now, i'm unsure about how much weight I will have on the rear (excluding me).


I have panniers from Mosko 25/35 and a drybag on top

Normally when i fly I have 11kg of luggage (clothing, electronics etc)


If I slim it down I end at 35kg with luggage bags. ?

I'm not camping in the beginning.


Have any of you tried to weigh it all ?


Any suggestions for small bags for the OEM side engine protection, to move the weight forward.


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@sorlok That's a tough question to get answered without more details. You state a long trip, to some that might be 3 - 4 days, to others it might be RTW, climate will dictate extra or less outerwear, lots of variables.   Not a real good example as I have a different Mosko setup,  but my R40 Reckless loaded for a 4 day trip in summertime temps was 42 lbs., included the bags. Your ready to ride weight needs to be included as well to figure which rear spring rating you'll need to upgrade.  Hope this helps.


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I have a Giant Loop (don't remember the exact name) plus a sack or two. I have noticed that the weight of your luggage doesn't change much if you are on a weekend trip or on a one week trip. My luggage weights from 15 kg to 20 kg, depending do I have my camping gear with me or not. I have the spare tubes in my luggage and all other spare parts and tools are on my bike. Haven't weighted them tough.

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