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Parts Questions. Doubletake, Givi and Touratech.


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G'day all,

A number of questions from a new member! Hope you are all well! about to take a 3 week roll through Europe on my new bike!

Stock right side mirror, is it one of those Yamaha reverse thread jobs?
I bought some Doubletake mirrors and that right side mount is near impossible to budge! 
The resevoir looks cast alloy, I don't want to do any damage to that if i over torque it. I couldn't care about the stock mirror fastener though.

Stock Pannier rack. has anyone fitted this? or can anyone recommend a durable plastic alternative? (the lock is handy)

Tool box to be mounted between the side-case holder and motorcycle fairing. TO BE COMBINED WITH THE UNIVERSAL FIXING KIT S250KIT OR WITH SPECIFIC FIXING KIT TL

Finally has anyone fitted this on the existing bar above the console?
reckon that bar has enough rigidity to hold this and the GPS?

<b>Like all Touratech handlebar mounts, we make this high-quality GPSMap 276Cx mount in Germany at our factory in the Black Forest. </b><br><br><b>Garmin GPSMap 276Cx handlebar mount features: </b><br>- This Touratech handlebar mount has been developed sp

Thanks to all!

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Yes Yamaha uses the reverse thread on the one side and have read they continued to do so with the Tenere. Did you purchase the DT Yamaha adapter also? I just opened the box with my DoubleTake Enduro (and AG battery) myself here. I don’t have my bike yet though. 

Can’t comment on the box and stock racks BUT I will say that the price of those from European and American suppliers are nothing short of crazy! I have the Outback Motortek racks and will be ordering one of these lockable boxes from Aliexpress for about $60 bucks shipped. I don’t mind paying a premium price for most items until the markup is just insane as these are. I’ve seen the ‘brand name’ $250 and no name $60 boxes side by side and they were exactly the same. 

I have the same lockable mount for my Garmin 595LM that I hope to install on the top bar. It’s not very heavy at all and believe it’ll be fine. That said, I’ve purchased the Camel-Adv ABH (Anti Bibblehead) bars time install which strengthens and stabilizes that entire top end. 

Wish I could offer more help..


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sounds like we're both pioneers in this area!
Yep ordered the reverse thread part. 👍
that right mirror is a real bugger just wont budge. I still don't have a full toolkit so it stay where it is for now. I'm worried i'll over torque it and ruin the reservoir more than anything.

Oh, thanks for the tip on the Camel-Adv part I suspect the fact it has been made confirms my suspicions.

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Put a small drop of LocTite on the treads of one and wipe it across the threads of another. Screw in until just snuggled up and then like maybe another 1/16 turn.. it’s just a tiny bit more. Don’t think of it as torquing or tightening but just past snug. Let them sit over night and you’ll be good.

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  • 10 months later...

Seems that everyone is using the stock mirror mounts for Doubletake mirrors. I like the stock mirrors, just hate that they mount to the hand controls - clutch and brake levers (like  most bikes do). I'm interested in the Doubletake mirrors but only if I can use the bar clamps instead of the stock mirror mounting points. The whole point of this exercise for me is to divorce the mirrors from the hand controls.


Theoretically this is possible but looks like you would have cobble the kit together on your own as reusing the stock mirror mounts seems to be the standard package.


I haven't seen anyone do this on the T7. Do I have to go pioneer here?

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I run double takes using the stock hand control mounting holes. No issues. Not sure why you would want more stuff cluttering your bars, but each to their own.😀

I think I have Yamaha disease...

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The double take mirrors use standard RAM mounts. You can use any RAM bar mount that fits the bar.


But I have them mounted on the stock mounting points using a reverse thread adapter on the right side. Works great! 

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