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Ordered my T7 today :)


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I placed a £250 deposit with Arnolds Yamaha, Burton on Trent, Engeland, today.

This is what he said:

  • I'm the first order they had, but then those of you who know Burton, it's a sleepy place...I'm in Derby and that doesn't even have a Yamaha dealer ha ha;  Loughborough has had 2 orders.
  • Delivery to UK Dealers early 2019 - maybe February;
  • They hope the price will be <£9,000;
  • Those who do not order a bike up front may have to wait - no dealer stock  at first;
  • Blue only. [I will have to change my avatar...]


I will keep everyone informed.

Have a grrrreat weekend, everyone


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The expected delivery date of early 2019 is interesting given that everyone was talking second half of 2019. I have been expecting something like this given the pressure on Yamaha to get at least some bikes out on the streets for reviews and owner experiences, even if it is in low numbers. Those with their orders in early might be in luck.

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Regarding the blue only, I ordered the blue one but am not keen on the blue wheels so will likely change them for black Excel rims, most likely as a new full wheel set rather than re-lacing the existing hubs.

I have also considered reducing the rear wheel width from 4.25" to 2.5" for two reasons. The narrower rim will take the much cheaper 140/80 tire and you can also fit the Nuetech Tubliss tubeless kit to that rim size. If you look up the details on the Tubliss system they say it is for the 2.15" rim size but I currently have it installed on my Husqvarna with the 2.5" x 18" rim and it still works well at 0 psi.

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Update.  The Dealer told me this week that delivery should be in Q2 this year.

He said it will be very competitively priced - I am guessing around £8,500.



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Yes, it is soooo sad for you guys.  The Biggest Economy is the world has to suck the hind t_t....  😞


I suppose they have their reasons but we who are plugged into the Matrix cannot guess what they is....

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