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Installing something? Please write a tech tip


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Forums live or die by their tech tips section. We all love to post pics and brag, heck yeah!  And our product reviews section is all about that. But if you just post a pic of something you installed, you don't really help anyone. Might as well have posted it on Facebook. 


Installing something? Wanna be a hero ? Take some pics along the way and write up a step by step tech tip.  Your post will get ranked on Google search and help thousands of future T7 owners do the same task for years and years to come.  



Or take a video, upload it to YouTube and then post it in our tech tips section. 


Tech tips that don't help. Text with no pics. Or, pics with no text instructions .  Those will be deleted because they don't help anyone. 


If this forum is to survive, it will be by the quality tech tips that we create in our tech tip section. 


A good title for a tech tip post example is "Tenere 700 led signal install" or DIY Tenere 700 oil change".  Titles like that tells the person, and Google search, what your tech tip is about. 


Let's help ea other and future thousands others by sharing how we installed or fixed most anything on our bikes!


Or, just post pics on Facebook groups, that don't show up in Google search, and get lost and buried forever within 4 days...

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If you need inspiration, check out our MT07 forum's tech tips section. There are some great examples of proper tech tips in there.  That tech tips section gets over 40,000 visitors per month from Google search results . 


Got a really good tip on how to install or repair something on the Yamaha FZ-07? Put it here! Pics and Videos are welcome and helpful.


Some of the older tech tips lost their pics, because they were done back during the Photobucket days. Photobucket removed access to millions of free hosted pics a few years ago and pics were lost on all forums.


All of our pics are hosted on my server and won't ever be lost .


Also, if you have trouble uploading any pics, it's because the image size is too large , resize your pic under 4 mb's ea please .  In the near future, our next software update will downsize your image size automatically. 



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