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700 mile check in on my thoughts about my T-700


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I did the first service a few days back and was able to “open it up” while riding out near Lake Berryessa, NE of the Napa Valley in California yesterday.  Not that I  need to go 100mph ever again on it, but it’s good to know it will do it.😳😏

IMO, The power of the 700 is very similar to the 1200 Super Tenere that is  directly proportionate to their size. I feel the same pull at 6000rpm-7000rpm in 4th and 5 gears on both bikes. A huge😁 in my helmet opening either of them up! I feel the 100 lbs less makes the bike way more nimble. Having less mass does take away some from the on road comfort but I won’t be doing “iron butt” rides on the 700 either 😏 The seat from Seth Laam sure beats the factory offering! 


All of this being said, had the 700 been available back in late 2010/2011, it would have been my pick after outgrowing the KLR.  

Please don’t get me wrong, I love the 1200, it’s gotten me to where I am today and for that, I’m extremely grateful🙌🙏🙌. I’m keeping it because it’s still a great bike with so much life left in it.  

My current choice to live in a van with the bike was planned around the 700 and not the 1200 but the delays in the release of the 700 for the last couple years I didn’t really have a choice but to take the bigger bike. It suits my needs perfectly with my life on the road.


I do plan to take the 700 deeper in the woods then where the 1200 wasn’t  able to go, we will see just how far that is AFTER AlrRider releases their crash bar design 😄

Much more to follow! Thanks everyone that keep up with my journey! 


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Glad your enjoying the Tenere...the engine is just a joy, with as much grunt as you need.   Cheers,  Steve 

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just keep an eye on fuel consumption when you are doing 6-7k. It will fly through petrol. 

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