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The review I've been waiting for....


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I’ll admit this video was short. But, if you watch his videos in general, especially the ones that are actually technical reviews (not just bikes), he’s a very smart guy who really digs into things. 

I haven’t seen anyone touch on the design of the bike and it’s anti squat process. He does and while it’s brief, it’s insightful. 

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Great review. Most interesting to me is the explanation of countering the squat effect with the high counteraxle. I haven't seen or read about this anywhere else.

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Well since you brought up the KLR..... This is the best KLR video out there.  Fight me. 😉


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The above vid has a very good point on the KLR, and one of the reasons I got a T7, I want to be able to drop it (not on purpose) and be able to pick it up, and hopefully not cry too much over it... 


Ryan F9 does have some great reviews and is a creative guy, watched a lot of his content, he'll do very well. 

His review of the T7, I think was a little thin, but maybe that was on purpose, maybe there is a second look or deeper review coming up (if he buys one for example)

I did find it funny that he dropped it on the exhaust, did not mention if the pipe rubbed the swingarm after that 😉


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I share the same enthusiasm as you guys over this review.  Generally he seem to actually dig a little bit deeper into the why and the how in the products he is reviewing.  Other than just riding around with a helmet cam all the time, and call that a review.

 Although this one was a bit short. 
I specially enjoy the writing and production around most of the content on this channel.  Kind of reminds me of the old top gear(2010 ish) in entertainment value.  
Hard to believe there is just 2 guys making these videos. 


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