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First ride!


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Well it was only 40 short miles but I know this is a great motorcycle for sure. It’s as good as all the hype. Would have rode it more but I was pretty tired from the whirlwind trip to pick it day prior and I am getting our toy hauler ready for a long trip weds of this week. I’m not taking the T7 unfortunately. My wife’s going so I’ll take my Africa Twin to ride her two up on. 

Anywho back to the T7, I removed a few unnecessary items and added my old small wolfman tank bag. Pipe is ordered but 5-7 days less time on that. Went over the items the dealer had to install to make sure it was correctly done. Took some things off here and there to see how this things put together. Couple of observations along the way. Engine does heat up rather quickly, fan on at 223 and back off by 214. Hotter than I’d like to see. The headlight adjustment is useless I turned and turned  on the knobs and I still can’t really see any height difference on the beam. Wind hits me about the top of my helmet and to the sides some. Not Any annoying buffering but not the still air pocket my Africa Twin has. Which this time of year is hot on the AT. I can live with some wind this time of year. Front fork compression was 2 clicks to much for my size, felt every crack in the road like it was a tree root hit out on a trail. Stock springs feel fine for my weight and I’m well with in comfortable sag numbers I like to see. I’m only 135 lbs in the skin. Balls of my feet are on the ground so I don’t think the rally seat option will work for me. Bummer I really wanted to ditch the two piece seat. 

Engine is a work of art, man it’s smooth. I love Yamaha’s attention to detail. Some items are straight off my last Yamaha dirt bike used on the T7. Oem blinkers are absolutely the ugliest thing put on a motorcycle. I’ll need to research this and ditch those along with that ugly rear fender. 

That’s about it everything else is good as is. And what’s a post without pictures lol



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Right on man, enjoy! Here's a kit to combine your two piece seat into one. 


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Location: Central Ontario, Canada

Riding footage: www.instagram.com/beefmoto

Message me if you are close - let's go riding!

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