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How far is too far?



OK all you tech guru's, Yamaha has the first service scheduled for 600 mi. mainly to change the break in oil.


How far past 600 mi. can you run the break in oil before you should start to worry?


My service tech at the dealer says 400 mi. over should be OK. My problem is that I went in at 400 mi. to get service scheduled, foolishly thinking they would be able to get me a appointment in two or three days, but they where talking the next available appointment being 13 days away, they finally said they would squeeze me in, in a week. It is no problem for me to easily put 150 mi. a day with less than 3 of the miles on pavement getting to the dirt.

That means I will seriously have to curtail my riding or I will be close to 1500mi. at the appointment. Which I know I don't want to do. So I know that I won't want to set just wishing I could go riding so I will change the oil before my appointment, but I can't even get the oil and filter, and I imagine it has a crush washer too, before Monday, and I am at 585mi. now.


So what is the general opinion on how far over 600mi. is safe?

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Guidance from the Yamalube website states within a 10% window over the service interval to be covered under their warranty.  Your guess is as good as mine if the factory warranty stipulates the same exceedance tolerance.

In the video, Colin explains the advantages of registering and if you use their oil & filters exclusively,  they'll cover your engine, whether you or the dealer performs the oil change. Sounds like a pretty easy decision for me to run their products.




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1 hour ago, johnnygolucky said:

Why not change it yourself? 

Always planned on changing it myself since the dealer couldn't for some time. My concern was since I couldn't get the oil and filter tell Monday, how worried should I be about riding tell then, Well it is all mute at this point, I am about 45 min. from my dealer and couldn't make it today before closing. So I went ahead and payed over the phone and had them leave it outside for me and just took a chance that it would be there when I got there. 

All is well I just got back and it was there so now I don't have to worry I can go out and try to wear these tires out. Although I have developed such a dislike for their off-road performance I sure I will change them before that.

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Right on, Jack. Glad you got it sorted. One of these days I'll have the bike and will rally to Utah and share a beer with ya. Never been to Utah, but have read great things about it.


Thanks to Cruizin, if you're out there checking in for putting this site together to learn new things, meet new friends, make new family and help live this life with laughter. 

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