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Happy 4th of July!


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Well today I have no pictures of the ride or beautiful scenery that I rode through, I was too busy getting my butt kicked.

Started off exploring a new road at first i was surprised being the Fourth, that I wasn't eating the dust of fellow travelers, but it wasn't long before I knew why, they obviously where either smarter than me, or just plain knew better.

After several miles of rough but passable road I started down a steep hill that had a turn half way down so you couldn't see the whole descent. Upon rounding the turn you discovered the hill not only increased in it's angle of descent, but turned into nothing but loose round rocks, not all of the baby head variety, unless you where in the land of giants. After several times of being very close to putting my new baby down, I knew there was no way I wanted to try to go back up this. 

Slowly the "road" got worse, of coarse, as what started out as a road turned into what could be called ATV route and quickly into single track, and continued to get worse. It proceeded to a dry wash crossing that was extremely deep sand with a large section of boulders in the middle with more deep sand and a even more rocky exit, have I told you how much I dislike these stock tires?

Anyway now the single track has tightens down and become even deeper soft sand and I am now being beat repeatedly by the brush on both sides. Finally it opens up just in time to plainly see the No Trespassing sign on the gate that doesn't look like it has been opened in this century.  My temp gauge says 223 degrees, so I take a break and see if Google Maps can give me any insight. According to Google the trail actually goes down the center of the wash that I had crossed and some way down comes back out of it and parallels the wash. So I head back through the bushes to the wash I had struggled to cross. Looking down the wash all I see is deep, deep sand mixed with rocks and boulders, at the same time visions of the hill that I knew I didn't want to go back up played in my mind.

So down the wash I proceed, did I tell you how much I dislike these tires? Well after only traveling some hundred feet down the wash I realize it is not going to happen, and I am going to have to go back up the "Hill".

Off I go only to realize that much of what I have come through after the hill is much worse going back up it. Now mind you, by now I have come close to dropping my bike at least a dozen times, I am 66 years old and this 450 lb. beast is kicking my butt, granted mostly because of my lack of dirt bike experience I am sure I am fighting with it more than someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Finally I arrive at the Hill, now my plan was to stop at the bottom and access the Hill to develop the best plan of attack. That was my plan, but my plan didn't remember that there was a turn at the bottom hiding the Hill from preview so I didn't recognize the Hill until it was too late I was on it. Thankfully the T7 in spite of the novice in the saddle performed marvelously and even with several stabs with my foot to help keep her upright the top of the Hill was achieved. Actually after everything I had gone through to avoid going back up the Hill it didn't seem as daunting.   

I decided to finish my day on some known fire roads, to discover all the earlier expected 4th of July travelers, which of coarse only meant that my tired sweaty body was thoroughly coated with dust.

Upon arriving home my filthy body passed out in chair for a few recovering hours, waking up enough to realize I really needed a shower after that and a dinner which helped to revive me somewhat, I set down to pin these Happy Forth of July wishes to you all. 

Oh, did I tell you how much I hate these tires? 

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Sounds like a great ride today. I cant say anything on the tires yet due to one dirt road in 250 miles but they do stick very well on the paved. Was hoping they did good on the dirt too.😞

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Well, I can say I might of flatten out that learning curve that has become so apparent.

After fifty plus years of pavement dwelling, there are only a few things that are transferable, maybe if I rode it like those adventure bike riders that frequent Starbucks, rather than a 450lb. Enduro the curve wouldn't be so steep.

All in all at the end of the day I had a smile on my face, a tired smile, but still a smile.

Love this bike, did i tell you how much I hate these tires?

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Really enjoyed that write up....sounds like a great day! I recently rode up the 'wrong' trail and became wedged in the biggest chalk rut on the South Downs....so I know that weary feeling of wrestling with 200 kilos of motorcycle.  By the way,  what do you think of the stock tyres.....🤣 Cheers Steve 

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