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Seat Height


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Does anyone know the official seat height of the T7?  I am 5'6", and prefer the height to be no more than 32".  If if is taller, I wonder if there will be an optional low replacement seat so that I don't have to modify the bike itself.  I would like to maintain the handling and ground clearance of the bike.

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Are you wondering if you can "flat foot" when sitting on the bike?


generally with dirt bike like ground clearance you are only flat footing with one foot instead then of 2.. the other leg stays on holding the bike like pictured below... I even do this on my street bikes- it's fairly comfortable...lets me use the rear brake to hold the bike from rolling and give my arms a break in stop/go traffic...




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I've read from a Q&A session that the seat height will be 880mm (34.6 inches).


A suspension lowering kit and a seat lowering kit will also be available.


I had  a KLR 650 which has a 35" seat height and I'm 5'10 with a 31" inseam and what norcal616 described is exactly what I did at stops and lights.  Once you get used to it, it's not even an issue.  You DO have to pay attention to slopes and plan to drop the leg on the uphill side so you're not reaching with tip toes.

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