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Greetings from Down Under!


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Hi, Shane here.

I'm an older rider than many (49), have owned many bikes over the years, dirt and road, and dual purpose but nothing modern as I have not ridden on the road for 8 years since moving away from the city to a small country farm in Central Victoria.

I currently have two in the shed, a DT200 which I buzz around the farm on from time to time, and a YZF1000 which I owned from near new and used for commuting for many years, it's now a bit worn out and unregistered.

So I think with all the commuting I did, combined with the move to the country with new things to do and play with (like my tractor) I lost the urge to have a road bike. Every now and then i'd get the buzz for something new, like the Tiger800 a few years back, but these were just passing phases. Recently however, the urge to get back on the road seems to be strong and lasting. I'm just at the dreaming stage for now, and saving some $$ if I can.

Anyways, it seems that I have missed so much in the years I have been away, the bikes out there now are just amazing!

I once owned the first model BMW R80G/S, the bike that started the whole (road bike engine in a trail bike) thing, it seems they are called adventure bikes these days. Of course the boxer engine, which I loved is now in an "adventure" bike that's nearly as heavy as my tractor, or my house! I think it's just a touring bike that's tall?

What about a road/off road bike that's of reasonably weight but has an engine for long rides (two cylinders).  

It looks like Yamaha are about to release something that fits the bill, in fact this T7 looks the ducks guts.

Well I won't waste more of your time, lets all dream on for now, while the people in Japan are putting them together for the world!

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G'day NRW, the engine sounds like a complete gem. Something dreams are made of. And in a bike like the T7 is predicted to be, well, I can only imagine how much fun we all can have!


Thanks for the link, reading it now!

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