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Hello everybody,


I signed a contract to trade in my XT660ZA for the T7  yesterday.


I still have to order the T7 online though.



My dealer said that it´s not the first time Yamaha has used this method.


I think it´s bad.


Why make it this complicated?

How does it work?


Anyone with experience with this?
















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It´s part of the hyped release. Online orders only .




The dealer seemed to know less about the ordering and details about available accessories


I have a contract for the trade in.

I wanted to the dealer to commit to the trade in.

No deposit needed.

Will be able to use the bike until delivery of the T7


A milage limits applies. A 2:nd trade in check will be done.

And of course no damages compared to now.


The actual order will be placed online march 27 14.00 



The dealer told me Yamaha has done it like this before.

So maybe there is somebody here that has experience from Yamaha online ordering?







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The main reason to order online: is that it allows Yamaha to produce what is needed at first for a new model vs guessing how many to produce and getting the dealerships to buy/put on floor and dealing with the logistics of storing em, etc...



Maybe the biggest dealerships may carry a floor model when they are released but the avg dealerships probably wont... The dealerships probably can order after the release date but Yamaha may only make em in batches throughout the year so you could end up waiting months or weeks depending on when the next batch gets made...


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The online ordering opened at 13.00 CET.


Of course the site does not respond.


Stupid idéa.


Why not let us order via dealers?



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Got my order in 14:36. Stupid system. Had to order online even though I have a contract on the bike from 14.11.2018 from my local Yamaha dealer.

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Same here.


The site went down an up several times.

When it was up up was not responding.


Finally it worked.


I got the

"Verification email for your Yamaha Ténéré 700 purchase registration request" at 14.36 CET


and the

"Your Yamaha Ténéré 700 registration for purchase offer is in process" at 14.37 CET


It says:


We will contact you within 3 days to confirm availability and to inform about the purchasing process.


Don't know yet if I will get one or not.


Let´s hope the bike lives up to the expectations when/if we get one.







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Dear Chris,


i got my confirm availability a few minuts later with order id and information about the purchasing process

I should contact dealer in the next 14 days or i lost my order.



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Hello all,


3 days in 1h 🙂


The dealer got an e-mail from Yamaha.

We talked.

My order is fully confirmed.








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I did the dealer bit on Sunday and done the Yamaha thing today and my bike has been allocated. All set up now just waiting for delivery now.

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Got my reservation number tonight (21:06).

Online registred 14:35.

«Competition White»



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I've made some kind of reservation through my local Yamaha dealer few months ago, and they did the online form for me, I just needed to confirm it via mail. I think this type of ordering is good for people  who are not living close to their Yamaha dealerships, and have no prior contact with any of dealers. But for us who bought motorcycles before it is just an xtra hassle. 

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I'm in the USA, the country that Yamaha seems to hate. I can't order shit. I created this forum so that I can get even more pissed when you guys start posting pics of your bikes, videos of your bikes, and someday I hope to join you all. So, have fun and please share often!

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The bike will be available here in Australia in December. I don't know of online ordering here.


I  believe in the UK the online orders get a cheaper price, a few hundred pounds off.


Either way it doesn't matter to me as I don't have the $$ to buy one now anyway, so imagine how pi$$ed off I will be when even "Cruizin" has his bike and i'm still saving!! Anyways, it's ok, I got my tractor! and my DT200!

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15 hours ago, prwatts said:

I cancelled my booking at my dealer. I am going to wait.  I think the way Yamaha is treating North America sucks.

Just my random thoughts but there may be reasons that are not of Yamaha Japan's doing. My guess is the US distributors demand insanely low (high volume) ex-factory prices from Japan and choose to sacrifice early stock for a better supply and lower price. While Yamaha are ramping up production, it would be the countries prepared to pay the full factory price that get the bikes first.

The fact that Yamaha chose to use an online ordering system for Europe suggests there may have been some heated conversations between Euro distributors about who would get the bikes first and this was done to make it fair.

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