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muffler/exhaust/swing arm protection


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That muffler hanging out there sure looks like the weak point of this bike.   Other than some sturdy side racks, anybody come up with a way to keep it from bending into the path of the swing arm?   

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No, but I opted for a $50.00 slip-on from Amazon, not only does it reduce the repair cost it is a much smaller target for those nasty rocks to hit when you drop it on that side.

Hopefully when it happens to you, you can find a strong enough branch to use to bend it out to clear the swing arm, it took me a while to find one.


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Personally (research still in progress), I'd opt to get a higher-installed exhaust that sits above the license plate in a tail tidy, that way it's more in line with most rally motorcycles and dualsport bikes.

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Yes but some I have seen seem a little close to plastic and present issues with luggage.

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I am waiting for a North American (prefer Canadian as I am in Canada LOL) Company who makes a high pipe w/ link pipe.


I KNOW I will drop it one day, and I KNOW I will drop in right side...just because...LOL...

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I think my cheap Chinese end can and cb500 link pipe clear the swing arm... And very cheap to replace if damaged. 


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Great minds think alike. I had the same thought to use it as sacrificial.

I don't care about extra performance or sound (don't want loauder than OEM).

It being lighter than OEM is a bonus.

I would love to do Sracers high exhaust mod as well.



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