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Things you post here show up in google search results


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Google search loves our software format. We already have over 100 #1 search results on google for terms related to the tenere 700. 


This means that if you are typing something that other Tenere 700 owners may be searching for on google in the future, your post will be read by thousands of T7 owners 5-10-15 years from now, all over the world. 


So, be sure to put the words "tenere 700" in the title of important and helpful new topics that you create. What you type in the title gets ranked by google. 


And remember, stuf you post on facebook groups never get ranked in google search. They will be seen by people in that group for like a few days and then gone forever. Sometimes thats useful. But not for the people looking for tech info in the future. 


Your posts here today are influencing future t7 owners for years and years to come! 

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I found this forum through Google & the workshop manual....🙂👍

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Can we have this post stickied and at the top of the general discussion board?

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