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Pictures from be ENDURO


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Thanks Tam for a look!


I think I like the red better, then the black,  i'd have to see them in person though to be sure!


All the same bike though. I know people on this forum are calling for different versions of this bike but i'd suggest it's not up to Yamaha but us. I'm sure there will be only one version for quiet a while, but as the bike sells then Yamaha can judge if it's viable to venture into differing versions. If lots of this bike sells in coming years then they can afford to develop variants but if it's just a slow and steady seller then it might just stay at one Tenere 7 for us to chose from for years to come, with occasional model updates.


OH, also, I did a quick search on these photos to see where they might have been taken?


I did find French text set with these pics on the facebook page so i'm guessing these bikes are in France? Not in the Notre-Dame I hope?


Anyways I did translate the text, it reads as follows....


"The first Yamaha Ténéré 700 arrived ... Available by May for the specialized press. In June, Yamaha Europe will circulate motorcycles in every country in Europe, and the first customers who ordered theirs (via the Yamaha website) should be delivered in early July. We have planned a small test of this new Ténéré 700 against the AJP PR7"

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A classic yellow with the black squareb/white race strip down the sides would be my choice... 

2012-WR250F...2015-FZ-07(Hordpower edition 80whp)...2015- FJ-09 Graves Exhaust Woolich Tune/Kit 120whp

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Hi and thank you for the photos.


It's great to see a line up of the T7s ready for adventures. 

As everyone else is, I am excited to see mine in the flesh. 

As I am in Australia, I have to wait until December for mine 😂😠 

But all good things come to those who wait. 

Thanks again for the photos..



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thanks for posting the information and link.



Sent the link to my dealer.


There is obviously bikes available.


The text says delivery early July.



I asked my dealer if it´s possible to get a delivery date confirmed?

Or maybe even earlier delivery?










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Thanks guys to have shared our pictures and to have mentionned the copyright, we appreciate !


To answer to yours questions, the pictures were taken to Yamaha Motor Europe. The bikes are ready for the first press rides in may ... after that the bikes are gonna to be launch in june everywhere in Europe ...


We’ve order one, and we will test it as soon we’ve got it with the AJP PR7, the last version who will be available in july ... 


See you laters guys and thanks for your forum ... 😉

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I still have not got an answer regarding delivery date confirmation.

(Please see my post above april 23)


My dealer said he had not been able to get hold of the lady responsible

for delivery's at Yamaha Sweden but that would keep trying and come back.


Still no answer after almost 2 weeks.







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The bikes are being sold in/end of July IIRC... Thats probably why you have no delivery date set yet... 

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2012-WR250F...2015-FZ-07(Hordpower edition 80whp)...2015- FJ-09 Graves Exhaust Woolich Tune/Kit 120whp

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