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Wiring for PowerHub




I want to Install a innovv power hub and I want to wire it on the accessories 10a under the fuse box 2


which wire is the 10A under the fuse box 2 ? I cannot understand which one i tap my yellow power hub cable 


dumb question sorry!

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I got the same powerhub, and the way I Installed it:


1. Firstly, it only has one negative cable for 5 power cables, so you can either add 5 extensions to it, making future accersories add on easier, or, use posi-taps to get into the negative cable. I did both, added 2 extensions, and 3 posi-taps on each to reduce clutter. 


2. I placed the unit inside the right hand side panel of the bike, hidden and away from the battery/seat storage, then used the rear tail light signal to tap as and accesory. BLUE is the running light. The cable runs along the left hand side panel going to the rear tail light, you could place the unit next to that and tape it in place, I have an alarm on that side. 


3. The unit has a 5-10sec saftey delay, you can hear it click when on, which is nice. So don't think it's not working the first time 🙂 I've had it on for over a month, no issues, its great! Another T7 user reccommened it to me, he has used it for years


I routed all the positive leads neatly to the back ready to tap, and hid all the negative leads in the body panel. Sorry don't have a clearer picture after it was installed



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46 minutes ago, Tenerequebec said:

Can I run all the negatives accessories wires on the negative of the battery?

No, I wouldn't do that, as the power hub is switched and the battery is not, would just complicate things. I also labelled all the connections using masking tape on each wire, then a layer of clear tape on top. Organization is key, don't want to be in the filed trying to figure out which wire has what fuse. 


You can use that single negative wire, and just use Posi-Taps if you want. If you can solder joints, even cleaner. I just used Posi waterproof connectors



Posi-Tap connectors tap into hot leads without cutting them. Just insert wire to be tapped into the large cap and hand tighten into the barrel. The


Also just put a connector or heat-shrink on and positive leads you are not using atm, having exposed positive ends around the frame or the bike, not good. 


I'm no electrical guru, this was basically my first time wiring, it's simple and all fused which is nice. 

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