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Has anyone fitted the Scorpion or other header pipes and link pipe...im thinking of doing this and keeping the standard can, as I quite like the sound of it and don't want anything too noisy around the lanes!! The Scorpion info says it can be safely fitted without a re map....Cheers, Steve 

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I have a full system, and that *should* be remapped.
However, just changing out the headers (removing the catalytic converter) and sticking with the stock muffler, should be ok with no re-map.  A slip-on alone is ok with no remap as well.   


Almost any header should be an easy swap in and work just fine with the stock pipe.


An ecu flash has other nice benefits however that are worth while on their own, so I would not dismiss having a re-flash.


One thing to keep in mind, whatever header you get, try to get one with a O2 sensor bung, or you won't have anywhere to put the oem o2 sensor.

No full detail cats here.... meow....



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Same question here.  Decat/aftermarket headers / stock can (and reflash).


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