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When I finally get my T-7 Im gonna.. Finish this sentence!!!


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When I finally get my T-7 Im gonna-   Be another year and a half older, gonna rip those street tires off and mount some D606 dot/dirt tires, replace the street fender with a tall fender, replace the exhaust just to drop 11 lbs or so, will go all over the bike looking for other things I can remove/replace to lose more weight, then I'll send the ECU off to 2wheeldynoworks and pick up another 8 hp.


Then Ill sgo find me a KTM or Africa Twin to embarrass on the trails. 

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When I finally get my T-7 Im gonna- be an old fart (nearly there), and try and relive my youth and go visit all those trails around my region before going further away from here on longer adventures. Then i'm gunna get luggage and go camping in remote areas enjoying rum and a cigar by a small camp fire in total seclusion.  

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When I get my Tenere 700, I am going to write Clark, IMS and Acerbis and ask them if they are interested in designing a Long range Safari tank for the T7.  I will offer the ability to organize a large group buy, and Im sure that many of you, probably most of you, will be interested in this to extend our range.  


And, I bet they will jump out of their pants to make one for us. 

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