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good evening/ morning from the Netherlands


i orderd an blue tenere 700 last Friday.  as seeing em all together i fell for the blue one even tough

online i thought i would go for the white one.

pitty the dealer is really busy with motorcycles thy need to prep and holyday's going so there half on staff.

as i have to wait just 3 weeks. and yes i know some of you have waited longer to get your hands on one.



also first time for dirt. did get an hole day to try the bike before i bought one. and did find some dirt but my country is flat out just flat.


looking for adventure

ps. if your from close and would like to ride some roads once hit me up..

[located near zwolle]


grz michel






nothing to special jet. just put on the stock windshield movers from t7 rally. blue stickers on the dirt guard.

have the yamaha pannier rack's including 2 side cases. hand heaters of yamaha.

jet to come the anti bobble head.  radiator metal guard.

bash plate i am still looking for a nice one. might even fabricate somthing.

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Michael welcome to the forum... 👍, congratulations on your purchase and let us see pictures once you have the bike. 


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i will do. but it would look like yours.. only opted for the heated grips. but understand its a hit or miss deal on those ?

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Dag Michel, lijkt me leuk om eens samen te rijden. Wij wonen in A'foort en hebben 2 x T700 🙂


Groeten Flyingdutch - Michael



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On 8/28/2020 at 9:12 PM, Flying dutchmen said:

Dag Michel, lijkt me leuk om eens samen te rijden. Wij wonen in A'foort en hebben 2 x T700 🙂


Groeten Flyingdutch - Michael



lijkt me geweldig. 2 plaatjes.  zal een foto van de meine toevoegen als ik er wat meer op heb qua mod's.  afgelopen vrijdag gehaald en zondag was hij al klaar voor de eerste beurt. [helaas 16 sep pas]



[edit English version]  looks awesome. 2 beautiful bikes. ill add a photo of mine once i have more mods. past Friday i picked mine up, last Sunday i had it ready for its first service. [unfortunatly 16 of sep]

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also fun to add.. bought mine. and always disspiced the hard cover luggage option of yamaha. [no not saying thy are bad.. just not my taste back then]...

went to pick it up. and my friends and fam around my back contacted the dealer in order to put on luggage rack's with the hard panniers.

so when i arrived my dad asked if the only bike in front would be mine [one with panniers], i was like nea.. not mine as i just order heaters and nothing more [planned to mount stuff of t7 rally and camel].


so once sat down and the dealer said you got this, that. and this in the suitcase [koffer] i thought : he means buddy seat.

than i had to pay.. when i entered my pin my dad say's : i still have to pay for the thing..  

and i ask what thing.. did you get a bike as well [he has one magna but in pieces a long and sad story]

and thy went both dealer as my dad .. no nothing.. 

and no .. no light was lighting up for me.

afterward the dealer said.. well its already outside.. at this point i was like darn it.. did i miss my bike outside ?

and as i walk to the door.. im sure i only saw 1 bike.

not to mention its blue .. and i bought there last one.. and the new ones arrive next month.. [corona and sutch de laid delivery to all dealers as France factory was on full lockdown]


saw the hard panniers and i actually like em. even if thy are bulky and every thing else as i was planning.

for in my own country trips.. they are excellent


so got it friday.. and drove it like i was orderd to. first 500 max 50%. later 500 max 70% than to shift and keep it below 5000. 

this only took to sunday same weekend.

to much fun.


also as current weather is raining a lot.. amazed by the tires.

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well. 4000 km on the clock.  love it. tough in my opinnion it is to lean.

no qlue if somone has experiance with a ecu tuner in the netherlands ?


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