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Fuel type/quality


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Anybody know how the engine in the T700 fairs running on less than optimal fuel? For example over here in Australia outback communities sell Opal fuel (a modified fuel designed to prevent the locals from sniffing it), and I'm sure there are other places in far flung corners of the world with poor quality fuel. Another question if we do get a bit of water in the fuel how do you go about removing it in an injected bike?

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Here in Thailand the owner's manual recommends 90 octane, known locally as Gasohol 91 (E10) which contains 10% ethanol but mentions to change to a different brand or higher octane in case of knocking.

No issues for me in using this fuel so far.

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Not being in Aussie (lived in Perth for a few years though), I can't provide first hand advice. Here in Canada, I run my S10 and T7 on our base 87 octane (up to E10 and equivalent to your 91 from memory) with no problems. A quick search of Opal fuel gives an in-depth description of the product and according to BP (Aus) and the Royal Auto Assoc. it is completely compatible with your 91 Octane fuel. Assuming your bike's ignition timing is the same as the N/A bikes, you shouldn't have any issues.

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I think I have Yamaha disease...

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We have 85 octane in Eastern Nevada, i have run it in my KTM 500 exc without issue and will have to in the T7 because sometimes that is all that is available.

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If you get water in your fuel you can add a bit of metho, it combines with the water so it burns, I'm not sure of the amount you might use, I've had water issues in years gone by, it was a two stroke, but the theory is the same, I noticed no difference in the way the bike ran, I think at the time I added about 100 ml to the full tank.

Found this info.


Gasoline can become contaminated with water because of condensation in fuel storage tanks and in your gas...


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