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Sticky discharge...


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Just come back from a 460 mile round trip on my Rally over two days ahead of the first service on Thursday....


The good - I love the bike!  Even at 5000 revs it was great fun, handled really well, great view over traffic and looked cool 😉 The T7 Rally screen adjuster did the job and reduced the buffeting, still noisy though. 


The bad - my arse is destroyed, even though I was wearing padded cycling shorts I was in agony by the end of the trip, I'm going to have to do something to make the seat more comfortable.  Noticed another weird thing though, there is some kind of rusty looking, sticky discharge coming out near the rivets on the Akra exhaust.  I'm going to point it out to the dealer when in for the service but wondering if anyone has seen this before?  Is it normal?  What is it? 







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Rally seat improves the riding comfort for me... I've done 330 miles day about a month a go and yesterday 290 and yes it is not perfect but I think I'm going to go with these as people recommend highly and they are specially made for your riding position. Check them out.


The ADVENTURE style is optimized to reduce chafing in this area. This design functions best for any riding style where you experience...

Exhaust sticky thing I think there must be something in regards to riveting but I'm no expert... 👍 



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I had the same problem on my Akra, last summer. Seller replaced it with a new one. So far no problem. 

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I did look at the moto skiveez but I cant see that they would make enough of a difference to the cycling shorts I used to actually make it comfortable, I think I need to take more drastic action and get the seat recovered.


Ill see what the dealer makes of the exhaust, be a pain to have to have it replaced!

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