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Dropped it twice!


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I'm a total noob when it comes to off road but I've been exploring some local green lanes, was all going fine until I went up a lane with really deep, narrow ruts. 


First off was literally as I pulled off the road! Wasn't concentrating, lost balance and there was a slope on the left side I tipped to so went down, thick grass so just a bruised ego! Second off was literally 10 metres further on, I think the cause was mainly me being nervous and a bit shaken up by the previous fall but lost my balance as a rut forced the bike one way and I went another!  Launched myself to the front and right, picked it up and no damage to me or the bike really.  However I did notice this:




Luckily I had read on here last week about replacing the bolts on the fork protector with nylon ones which I did- it sheared right off as planned 🙂  What is the best method to remove the remaining part of the bolt?


Unfortunately I didn't have my camera running on this bit of lane, especially as at the end there was quite a gnarly hill which I managed to fly right up like a total hero!  I did film the next lane, definitely more suitable to my skill level 🙂 I've uploaded the footage to youtube if you can bear watching a slow noob, 1st part was interesting, found an upturned burnt out car and then discovered that the rest of the lane had been carpeted with broken glass, guess someone didn't like vehicles legally using the byway 🙄






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I would stick tweezers in the plastic and turn the broken, threaded part out.




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13 hours ago, Limey said:

Just heat a flathead screw drive or the end of a file.

Thanks, went with screwdriver, worked a treat!

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On 9/7/2020 at 9:23 AM, jeeves1275 said:

BTW here's a link to the nylon bolts I bought:




Nice to have some spares 😉

The only ones I could find came in a pack of 50 for $10, haha.. I have a lot of spares.

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@CasualADV. Hah, beat ya to it, save your $10.



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17 hours ago, CAJW said:

@CasualADV. Hah, beat ya to it, save your $10.



Haha, thanks, but I ordered them before I even had the bike. If you run out, I may have to offer up my spares for grabs.

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