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SW Motech delivery issues.


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I got my Tenere 700 on 19th of June & ordered through my dealer lower crash bars, side cases & mounts & an engine guard. I was told they would arrive in a few weeks due to lockdown & catching up with orders. A week or so later I was told late July early August. I went to my dealer 4 weeks ago & they were told by SW Motech that there had been problems with their computer system & some orders has been cancelled. I gave up on the side cases as they were going to take too long. My dealer ordered the crash bars & engine guard again 4 weeks ago. A week later the engine guard arrived but the wrong crash bars had been ordered. My dealer ordered the crash bars again & was told they were in stock so would be delivered that week.. I went to the dealer today hoping that after 3 weeks they would be there. No crash bars. My dealer called SW Motech today to be told that private customers orders take priority over dealers & that the stock levels on their website were inaccurate & maybe they'll send them on Friday. I think at this rate my bike will be locked away for the winter before they arrive.  

Thank you if you've managed to read all this without falling asleep. 

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I feel your pain.  I've been trying to get some accessories both from SW Motech and others( R&G, AXP) for months.  I found also SW's stock software has no idea what they have on hand.  Searching the web for sellers who have stock on hand led me to local retailers and others in Australia and UK and the experience has been similar.  Website shows stock on hand, place order only to find out a week or two later "Oh it's on back order" or "It's available for Pre-order".


Sure COVID has put a damper on things but I'm starting to think that retailer's stock cycles were reliant on them constantly receiving stock and sending stock out.  This would present a situation where stock levels never needed to be 100% accurate as there were constant shipments in process.  Now with supplies drying up or dried up, the inaccurate stock levels are coming in to play where retailers who may operate on an "Order-as-needed" model don't have the actual stock their sites say they do.  Or the stock programs couldn't keep up in realtime with actual stock levels.


I've canceled 2 orders with SW Motech, SW vendors just for a centerstand alone.   I still don't have one and I'm not "lending" a vendor my money in the meantime while they figure out what they are doing.  I waited since June to get an AXP bash plate and canceled one order with a vendor because my "confirned in our next shipment" item didn't arrive or they promised it to someone else.  Got so fed up with that roller coaster that I bough the Camel ADV gut guard and an happy to be done with the whole thing.


It's at the point now where you need to check stock personally/verbally with the vendor prior to ordering. 


It sux and we kind of just have to figure out a way to deal with it.




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Hmm. After getting jerked around by Adventure Spec, I ordered SW Motech crash bars and got them in less than a week! 


Of course, I don’t have the bike for them yet! 😄

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Seems like a reoccurring theme with SW Motech, from a simple search on this forum.. forget em, order from a company that wants your business. There are many fabricators have a look around.


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