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ATTN Vendors!!


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Please note that only pre-authorized supporting vendors are allowed to talk about their motorcycle related company and parts or services on this forum.


Furthermore from now on all supporting vendors of the tenere 700 Forum may only post in their own paid sections about their company products and services.


Supporting vendors may feel free to create a second personal account to talk about non-company or parts related topics in the general forum.


Supporting vendors are not allowed to talk about their company or products outside the confines of their paid sections of this forum. You can thank a member for a good review in the review section, or if someone mentions you outside of the paid section, you can send them a pm and reply for them to check their pm's. But I ask that all supporting Vendors only talk about their products and services and company inside of the forum sections that they pay for.  


This rule is to keep companies from having spats, arguments, or disagreements in the general sections of the forum, or any at all. I advise all vendors to also avoid talking about each other or each others products, unless it is n a positive light. 


And again if you are a company that wants to market products services on this forum you must talk to me first and I will vet you and your customer service reputation fully before making you an approved supporting vendor. The Vendors you see on this forum are the very best, thats what our forum members expect and deserve. 




@ACD Racing

@ACD Racing USA

@2 Wheel DynoWorks


@Camel ADV

@Seat Concepts



@Kedo Parts USA



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