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Dash wobble.


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Newbie question: what is the consensus on the “dash wobble”, is it a design feature (to dissipate energy that may otherwise cause damage??) or a design flaw? Should it be “fixed” or left to do its thing?

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There are several threads regarding this, most call it the head 'bobble'
There is a product made by cameladv that helps with this as well. 

Also, its not just your dash that's bouncing around, its the entire dash-headlight assembly.  At night you'll notice that your headlight pattern will be vibrating as well (but only on bigger bumps) 

To do something about this is entirely up to you.  Its most likely too much clearance on the headlight-dash rubber mounting assembly.
You can go for the anti-bobble-head mod, or just stuff a vibration damper in there, or like me (at least for now) do nothing as it does not bother me. 


As for it being a feature, I'm going to guess its a factory oversight, or maybe something left on there for the gen 2 to get fixed.



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Hope the pics are clear enough to see the little foam rubber wedge insert, sorts out the wobble quick smart.

Those little buggers have been wedged in their for nearly 2000 km, so far so good.



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