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Helmets, how long to keep and what to do with the old

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How long should you keep a helmet, presuming it isn't damaged, and what do you do with a retired helmet?

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5 years typically.


even if the outer shell is okay, the EPA foam usually starts to degrade enough around that time anyway...


That is why I don't buy those integrated helmet anyway...unless they comes with replaceable internals then I might think about it.


I just keep mine around like a trophy until wife bitches at me for taking up too much room...












hasn't happen..............yet

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I have a collection of about 5. I am about to move house and need to declutter. A trophy shelf sounds good, though!

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2 - 4 years. I daily commute to work about 100 miles per day. I now buy a whole interior padding replacement set, so I can refresh the helmet, mid life. I ride in the rain too, i have a helmet/boot/glove dryer for when they get wet/moist, so they don't get funky.


I'd buy a KLIM Krios Pro helmet now, but they've been out of stock for months.


I bring my old helmets (Shoei/ Arai helmets) over seas to my other houses in the Philippines. I give them a second life or give them away. they're way better than what the general public buys, cheap China helmets. I think I have 3 there for me and 2 for my lady friend back riders. 😉

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I always give my retired helmets to local firefighters/ambulance crews for training.


Keeping mine for around 5 years.

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