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What tyre pressure are you currently running?


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I want to run one pressure for both on and off road. I currently run 26 psi front and rear. I care more about handling on dirt, gravel, sand.  I weigh 250 lbs (114 kg) with riding gear on.

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At that weight and 26psi pressure for on-road conditions will reduce the tyre life quite dramatically. I am 85-90kg with riding gear on and I run 32/36 for on road and 26/26 for off road. I suggest you to carry a small electric pump and adjust your pressure depending on type of terrain you are riding. 

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32/26 most of the time...I just rode The Rocky Mountains for a week in all type of off-road terrain and never aired down at all.  I should have, but did not.  No traction or handling issues at all...okay, maybe except for the deep sand in one area.  I SHOULD HAVE aired down for that.


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I run 18 front 20 rear. I ride mostly dirt.  Makes a huge difference on off-road especially loose soil. The bike doesn’t track well much above that imo. Tracks great now. 



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I registered to give answer here. Dont have a motor, but once got hold of the official formula to calculate pressure for radial car tyres, and went running with it. 


For motor-tyres this gives to high answer, but better then estimation.

Pressure advice is all to prefent anynpart of tire to overheat, when driving the speed for wich it is calculated. 


I need next to calculate it for you. 

 Weight on seperate wheels, best is weighing, nice project for a meeting.  And max speed you use, and wont go over for even a minute. 

So be hounust , you cant fool mother nature. 


From tires , maximum load or loadindex, and speedcode

Reference-pressure, on motortires often behind   AT .

And that is different front and .



For in mud/sand I can also do an estimation, based on radial car-tyres. Greatings from a " pigheaded Dutch selfdeclared tyrepressure-specialist.




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