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Coloured dashboard


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Right u electronic wizards out there. How easy would it be to: 

A add some colour to the LCD

B increase the size of some of the info like the RPMx1000 and air temp  etc as the digits are only 2mm, virtually impossible to read. Is this do able?

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There are some guys taking polarised film and changing screen colors on the CB500x, might work with the game boy screen we have! lol!i will see if i can find a link.

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These guys would be willing to help. Assuming you are prepared to dismantle and measure up the standard screen.



It's also sometimes possible (depending on construction) to flip the polarizer giving you a negative image, that is white digits on a black background.


Since the backlighting is already white, a poor mans solution might be to stick cellophane inside the display (more durable then sticking it on the oustide)


An alternative would be to replace the backlight LEDs with coloured ones. Perfectly doable if you or someone you know can solder/desolder surface mount components



2)The size of the elements of an LCD screen are all fixed, there is no way to enlarge it.

One hack though is to stick something like this:


over the parts you want to enlarge.


Or perhaps you'd like to be the first to fit a monster tacho on your T7 🙂








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