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Luggage racks on Japanese-made T7's?


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My goal is a luggage rack + hard panniers that I can swap out with some soft panniers.  I like the Touratech stuff for the stainless steel construction and smart design (I have the lower crash bars and skid plate).  The Touratech rack fit great on the right side, but the left side required pushing in the lower left leg (with upper bolts still loose) to get the holes to line up.  Touratech said their test rack on their T7 ended up with same issue.  Ultimately I returned the rack (that wasn't the only issue).  


I came across the Bumot stuff and was very impressed with the soft panniers they have with aluminum back plates which lock to their rack, and has the appropriate shape to fit the exhaust side (it has the stepped design to fit around the exhaust).  I ordered a Bumot rack and hard panniers (was going to get soft ones later).  But the Bumot fit issues are even worse - the rack is too short, meaning it's impossible to get all the bolts threaded.  It's the same problem on both sides.


I'm now wondering if there is something slightly different between the French and Japan-built frames that is exacerbating fit issues on US bikes?  All these racks were developed on EU bikes.   Thoughts / experiences with fitting racks on Japan-built T7's?


Photo is of left side of the Bumot rack at footpeg position.  Upper bolts are loosened a few turns, and I'm pushing in on the rack to get this much alignment.  



Edit to add:  I found a photo I'd taken of the Touratech fitment, and with that one the rack was almost too long (the back end of the rack holes line up to foot-peg bolt hole).  It's the opposite from the Bumot rack, which is too short.  So I'm less inclined to think there's a difference with the Japanese-made frames causing an issue.   

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