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Whats in your Garage, What other Bikes do you have?


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I will start in no particular order..


2016 Ktm 500exc,  Plated Pure Dirt Bike  really fun but high maintenance (Going to a new home soon)

2011 Drz400 Dependable as the day is long, bought sumo wheels for full throttle fun

2018 wr450F mapped high strung fun pure dirt bike Yamaha Quality

2015 R6 Handling and more rpm's than my weed wacker Life after 9000rpm's is fun

2021 T7  Jack of all trades master of none





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Still ride my '77 Yam XT500 that I bought new in high school. It's the bike that started all this!! Easier to wheelie, that's for sure.


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Different bikes in different garages at opposite ends of Europe (besides the T7 obviously):

  • 2 Versys 650. Mine is Shet-brown and will be sold as the T7 was bought to replace it. My wife's is Kawasaki poison-green
  • 2 Husqy TR650 Terra. Used for exploring Europe, the Middle East and the former USSR
  • a WR450F for more hardcore trailriding
  • a classic Yamaha TRX850. In Kenny Roberts color scheme for track days.





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I am 62 and blowing my money before I die... Built a shop two years ago for my hobby... lots of bikes! All together, they cost maybe as much (used) as one BIG adventure bike...

My T7 is not in yet... soon I hope.

From L to R

2006 Honda CRF100F

2005 Honda Metropolitan (His)

2005 Honda Metropolitan (Hers)

1999 Suzuki DR350SE

2007 Honda XR650L

1986 Honda TLR200

1969 Rokon MKIII Trailbreaker

1989 Honda XL600V Transalp

2002 Honda XR400R




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We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe

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What is in my too small of a garage... 

a quad, two sleds and two bikes ... I made some room since this picture... sold one bike and I replaced it by my T7 and also sold one sled but replaced it by a other ... I guess I didn't made so much room after all.  


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