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Upgraded fork spring replacement



Good morning, does anyone have a good video or explanation on how to replace the fork springs for this bike?  I've got some upgraded springs and the stock setup is pretty sacked out at 2500mi with my svelte physique.  Thanks!

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I just replaced mine yesterday.  I don't have pictures but I'll try my best to explain it.  After you remove everything from the forks,  screw in the rebound screw (top of fork) counting how many turns to stop then back it out all the way to stop, that way you can set it back to where it was when your done.  I also did the same thing with the compression screw at the bottom of the fork, it's behind a removable rubber plug.  Loosen the top two bolts on the triple tree holding the forks and then loosen the fork cap.   Loosen the bottom two bolts on the triple tree and remove the fork.  Keeping the fork upright, unscrew the cap and the fork tube will be free to slide down exposing the fork spring and damper rod.  Keep the fork straight up and down as not to spill any fork oil.  I didn't have a spring compression tool so I improvised. Get a string, something like para cord, strong but not to thick.  Tie the string around the bottom of the damper rod locking bolt.  You can fit a open end wrench between the fork spring coils to loosen the damper rod lock nut while unscrewing the fork cap.  When you remove the fork cap from the damper rod there will also be a spring seat? washer? cant recall what its called between the cap and spring.  Keep a hold on the string because if you don't the rod will fall down into the fork tube, it wont get lost, the string just lets you lower it then pull it back up through the new spring.  Lift the old spring out and replace with the new spring.  Pull the rod up with the string and feed the string out the second to last coil so you can screw the cap back onto the rod.  My replacement spring was the same length as the original so I didn't have to compress the spring any to screw the fork cap back onto the damper rod.   Tighten the lock nut back to the fork cap, untie the string, slide the fork tube back up and screw the fork cap back onto the fork tube.  

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Here's how I did mine.

You'll need,

  • 19mm socket spanner
  • 17mm open ended spanner
  • cable ties
  • point nose pliers
  • ratchet strap
  • 6mm Allen key
  1. Raise the bike onto a scissor lift (or similar) so that both wheels can be lifted off the floor.
  2. Mark the handlebar tube with a permanent marker so you can fit the handlebar back in the same position. Remove the handle bar clamps with the 6mm Allen key. Strap the bars to the screen. Use microfibre cloths to protect the screen and console.
  3. Remove the front mudguard.
  4. Feed the ratchet strap through the front rim and around the head clamps to enable you to raise the forks.
  5. Use a 19mm socket to unscrew the fork caps out of the fork tube. The fork caps are held to the inner cartridge by a centre thread and a lock nut.
  6. Ratchet the front forks up about 100mm to give access to the lock bolt under the fork cap. This will give you access to all the parts for replacing the spring.
  7. Wrap a cable tie around the plastic cartridge, just under the lock not. Hold the tail of the cable tie, to prevent the cartridge sliding down into the fork tube.
  8. Using a 17mm spanner on the lock nut and 19mm socket on the fork caps, remove the fork caps.  The 17mm spanner should fit between the windings of the fork spring.
  9. Now, screw off the fork cap and remove the spring plate. Set aside for reassembly.
  10. Remove the fork spring. I found the easiest way was to wind it over the cable tie. Use the pointy nose pliers to hold the cable tie tail while removing spring.
  11. Feed the cable tie tail into the first winding of the replacement fork spring, to prevent the cartridge sliding into the fork tube.
  12. Wind the spring over the cable tie tail into the fork tube.
  13. Once in place, screw the fork cap back onto the centre thread. Don't forget to insert the spring plate. With the 17mm spanner, hold the lock nut and tighten down the fork cap with the 19mm socket.
  14. Cut the cable tie completely off, making sure no little pieces fall into the tube.
  15. Release the ratchet strap so that the sliding fork lowers. Screw down and tighten the fork cap.
  16. Remove the ratchet strap, replace the front guard and fit the handle bars back into the clamps.


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