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Suspension Performance for trips with passenger


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Hello guys,


Next year, I'm planning to buy a Tenere 700. The main goal of the bike is to travel with my wife and certainly with some luggage.


I'm not really a feather 😄 my weight is 120KG (264 pounds) and my wife 75kg (165 pounds) and assuming the maximum of 15KG os luggage (33 pounds). Is the suspension good? I saw that Yamaha has an optional rear suspension from Ohlins, I could consider is it make an huge diffenrence.


I don't think this matters but my height is 186 cms and my wife 160 cms.


Thanks for any tips given!


Best Regards,


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Lots of suspension options, Tractive Ohlins etc.

get the right rear spring likely 95 nm for rear and 7nm for the front and you wont go far wrong!

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Hi Helder

I'm about the same size as you and am planning the same sort of trips by the sound of it. I've gone with a 100nm Ohlins rear spring, 6.9nm front springs, and the rider sag with me, my kit, top box and OEM luggage racks (not including boxes) is now about right where as on the stock suspension it was > 60% of the suspension travel.

The ride comfort is transformed completely now that the spring is more capable and not riding near the bottom of the travel all the time and it's a fairly cheap swap for a great improvement


OFF-THE-ROAD | Ohlins STX46 Shock Spring 00698, | Online Webshop (off-the-road.de)




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I think you are looking at the wrong bike for such a heavy load + pillion. 

I would look at a more comfortable (for the passenger) and bigger engine bike. 



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Planning the same sort of trip with similar specs here on the island of Newfoundland. Bike is strong enough, seat comfort less than ideal so looking into gel add-ons if anyone can recommend anything. Went with the 95Nm spring from Rally Raid. Now, looking for backrest/case setup for passenger. Thanks for any suggestions.

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