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Hi there. Waiting as well for the new T7. Hope it is as reliable as my old 600XTZ, which I've used for the last 30 years. It's biking on the bare metal. This bike carried me reliably through west Africa, Tunisia, Turkey and lots of countries in Europe. On the road as well as off-road 😉 

At least the T7 feels as agile as the 600XTZ (as I could test myself on a ride).  The rest is still to be proven…


Proper jacket after a good ride 😄




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Wow, it sounds like you have had some good adventures on your 600. We all hope the new 700 proves to be just as reliable, well I for one do anyway. It seems like some new bikes are heading towards the "throwaway" attitude of modern society but with the T7's simplicity with electronics this might help this bike be a good long term option.

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