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Bigger fuel tank is coming


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Tenere 700 update
Thank you for your patience since our last post, the Safari Fuel tank team have been working hard on the T700 long range fuel tank and we can now bring you a long awaited update.
Key points: 
We expect to be testing the preproduction tanks over Christmas.
If preproduction testing goes to plan we hope to have  production in February.
Approximately 24-26L
Some further fuel consumption info, you can go as low as 12 Km/Lt if riding at 100-105 Kph  in very strong head winds.
But if you drop back to 80Kph you get 15Km/Lt.


All information are from Facebook from safari tanks 





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Starting to like the Camel adventure idea of have an auxiliary tank at the rear, this tank is going to make the bike more top heavy 

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And that is pictured with the Rally Seat, this thing is a mammoth for sure and I am thinking it would look pretty bulbous on the standard seat.

Location: Central Ontario, Canada

Riding footage: www.instagram.com/beefmoto

Message me if you are close - let's go riding!

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Yuk. 20 litres would look better. I am happy to carry 4 litre Rotopax. If Safari can't come up with a more aesthetically pleasing profile.

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Alcohol! No good story starts with a salad.

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Personally I think the look of this tank is ok, hard to get the best of 2 worlds Esthetics and fonction 


for me my tank have a hole in it so I dont want to buy a new oem one!


waiting for this one has t7rally didn’t come with some news about their tank project 

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The tank looks ok.  Quite tempted.  The extra 9l will add 120 plus miles to the range.  The issue is probably the cost of shipping from Auz.

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1 hour ago, Team FTB said:

Does anybody know the weight saved with the Safari tank over the stock tank?

There is some discussion over here that may be applicable:  



Regarding weight. 

***Below would be comparing the stock to the Acerbis tank.  If we don't account for any inherent differences in build up or plastic thickness and just compare them as both apples, I would add 2l weight of fuel ( .5 gallon) to the calculation below.***


23L vs 16L

6gal ( was noted 5.8 gal further down will actually be 5.8) but we'll keep 23 for worst case vs 4.2gal


gas is ~6lbs/gal

new tank holds 1.8 gal more gas

new tank increases fuel weight by 10.8lbs ***(13.8lbs possibly for Safari)

New tank is 1.5kg (3.3lbs) lighter than stock.

New Tank and Fuel is 7.5 lbs heavier overall.

*** the Safari could be 10lbs heavier with full fuel.***




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