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Tie down removal.


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I've been trying to remove the tie downs at the back of the bike. Got 3 out, but the last one will not move. Doused it in WD40 and I've now stripped the hole where the hex goes in my attempts to get it out. What to do?? Use a dremel to cut a notch for a screwdriver? Hit it with a very large hammer? Chuck it off a cliff? Driving me mad.......help please!

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Go the next size up with a torques bit if you have one and tap it in with a hammer till your able to get a good bite on it. That worked for me. Those things will definitely cause anger issues.

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Just watched a youtube video, lots of ideas on how to do it. I'll try again tomorrow. Once I eventually get it out, it's going in the bin!! Cheers.

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.....stripped the hole where the hex goes in’.

That could be your problem, it’s a T40 bit not hex.


Get the correct torx bit and try to crack it, not turn and it should move. Or if you have a small impact gun, set it to low and use this, this normally gets most stuff out.


Good luck 

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Ah, sorry, I never use the tools that came with the bike!

I forgot that a t40 is included. 🙄

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If the splines are now damaged you could try mole grips as CGras suggested or file/grind the top and bottom flat and use a spanner on it.


Best tape up the panel behind the fixing before you start in case you slip and damage the paintwork.

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58 minutes ago, DazR said:

A small stillsons or vice grips has done the job for me before.

Agree, just checked on my bike and grinding flats for a spanner would be a non starter. 

Best option would be long nose mole/locking pliers on the inner diameter.


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