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Hi all,

I'd been perusing this forum for weeks, mainly deciding on what options I wanted from the start. (I already knew it was the bike from me, having watched way too many YouTube videos....).


I sold my beloved S10 (too heavy for me now to enjoy day-to-day) and my SWM RS300R (too niche), and brought a T7 which seems way more versatile.  It's my 3rd Tenere, having had the 660 before the 1200, now the 700.


Great forum, and the threads were a real help.  eg, I've got a Rally Raid 90n/mm spring ready to fit.


Once the current UK lockdown is over, maybe I'll run into some fellow Kent riders I've seen on here...


T700_as brought.jpg

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Welcome to the forum... Since you have owned a supermoto might be interested in in reading threads started by @Rich TTon supermoto the T700... Or read my SM thread and check the list of mods... Would be nice to see another blue one with 17 inch wheels.


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Thanks for visiting and joining, I hope you like the forum!


We have alot of great info in our tech tip section to help you save money by working on your bike instead of paying others! Tech questions can be asked in our tech questions section.


Enjoy your new bike, it's the most perfectly balanced bike I have ever owned for my needs.

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Hi Aleks, yes I read your (and Rich TT's) threads with interest.  I'll definitely be keeping the 21/18 wheels though, as I'm a dirt biker at heart, so will do some green-laning when the chalk dries out!


Thx for the welcome,


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