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AXP skid plate installation with OEM center stand?



It may be too late for me to ask this but has anyone installed the AXP skid plate with the  OEM center stand?


AXP says their skid plate will work with the OEM center stand with modification to remove some of the plate protecting the side stand switch. I did that fairly easily but the tricky part of treading the bolt though the frame underneath seems to be an impossible task. The bolt can be angled down around the frame where the center stand attaches (which appears to be added specifically for that purpose) to go through both holes but for the life of me, I can't the bolt straight enough to fit though the plastic support for the rear of the skid plate. Clearances are just too tight.


So now I am looking at an expensive skid plate (with a small chunk cut out of it) I can't install without probably removing the center stand, that the tech at the dealership warned me was a royal pain to install, so don't ever take it off unless you have help to get the spring back into place. 


Of course, in the AXP installation video, there is not such blockage and it looks easy!


Any help from someone who has done this would be appreciated!

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You don't have to totally remove the OEM center stand to install the rear mount for the AXP skid plate, it is a pain but you can get away with just removing the three bolts on the left side and loosen the right side. Tilt the center stand just enough to get the bolt in. That is what I did isn't a lot of fun but easier than removing the center stand. 

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UtahJack - I appreciate the answer. That was one of the alternatives I looked at but saw all sorts of ways that could go sideways! Especially when I am doing the work! 😆


My other, simple, alternative is to simply cut off the back piece protecting that linkage. Since I don't plan on doing a hard core off road and bought the AXP for the noise suppression versus the metal skid plates, I don't figure I would be losing much. That eliminates the need for that support piece. There aren't that many skid plates that provide linkage protection anyway.


Thanks again. My solution may just involve the jig saw!

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