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T7 OEM Center stand



This is more of a tech comment/observation rather than a question. But what is the center stand for? It's for working on the rear tire and suspension most of all, and amongst some other things. In my viewpoint anyway. 


The OEM center stand mount is in the way of removing this shock knuckle bolt. I'll have to remove the center stand mount to get this out. But wait! The bike has to be on the center stand to get the shock itself out! Thanks for leaving me in this bind Yamaha...


I'm one to go through my linkage bearings every single year in the off-season.  For me, the center stand is just for that. I can use the kick stand, swing arm spools etc for nearly everything else. This makes me question even having this stand on the bike. 





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Well anyway to follow up on this, I found that if I  get the bike off the LT side of the center stand and on the RT- while needing something to support the bike on the LT side- I can get the weight off the bolts of the center stand mount and remove it. The Knuckle needed to come out for a re-greasing


Quickest way to get the bike off the LT side of the ctr stand but maybe not the safest. 😲



I was then easily able to remove these bolts (already removed in this pic) 



And these bolts-




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It helped to tie up the knuckle and get it out of the way to get more wrench movement. 




And now I was able to get the suspension knuckle bolt out! 




Next time I have to do this it will go much quicker. That's if I still have a center stand on the bike..





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If you're only using it to work on the bike in the workshop,  wouldn't you be better off just putting a race stand under it and get rid of the centre stand? I just use my 2 post car hoist with a foam pad on one of the arms and it works perfectly when you need the rear end up for this type of work.

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Im starting to think so. I also thought it would come in handy to do a trail side tire/ tube repair. But I am little less enthused about having it right now. 



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