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ABR Festival in UK: Test Rides of T7


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Hi there,

Did anyone go to the ABR Festival in Ragley Hall in the UK and ride a T7 this past weekend?

I have ordered one and this weekend was the first time I saw one, and rode one, on road and off road.

There were hundreds of guys queuing to get a ride, and even though I nagged Yamaha "but I've ordered one, mister! " I only got a ride on Day 3.


The bike is superb apart from the  snatchy fuelling off-idle (You-Row 5 Emissins regs, I presume) and very capable off road.  Yamaha will not be able to build 'em fast enough.  It is everything you  are expecting it to be - good off road and good on-road and simple ....  even the screen worked for me, at  6'.


I also rode a KTM 790 and it is an amazing bike too - more gadgets, very well designed, and about £3k more - they will sell lots to the Katoom diehards, and others.


And I rode a Doocatty 950 multistrada (amazing, I would love one) and a BMW F850GS - very capable, very Cherman, and  a bit bland.


(Photos courtesy of Johnny Boxer)







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I got there early Friday and had a spin.

Just s good as I expected, much more my sort of engine than the 790 I also tried.

Great idea to have all these bikes to try.

I wrote a detailed review here.





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On 7/14/2019 at 9:12 PM, Chris S said:

I got there early Friday and had a spin.

Just s good as I expected, much more my sort of engine than the 790 I also tried.

Great idea to have all these bikes to try.

I wrote a detailed review here.


Just had a chance to finally finish this review!

Brilliant write up, probably the most comprehensive review that I've read about the bike so far, thank you.

Given me some great information about what bits I should buy for it when it finally arrives.

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I rode it Saturday--hope it was a rogue;


I am trying to get down to 1 bike-- bikes at the moment 1150 GS and Rally 250. I want the bike for an extended road/trail trip, but would like it to be able to occasionally tour with a group.


KTM 690 (Ruled out at show)

CCM 600 (Seems a blackout on the development of this bike--they dont answer emails--if anyone has information please PM me)

T7--- waited like everyone for this one--seemed like it could be ok---if it carried its weight well

Personal stats--- 5-9 11.5 stone---30 inch inside leg--getting old. Not too good off road, mainly a road rider--riding 47 years

Back to the bike. Below are my opinions, and I hope they are down to adjustment on this particular bike

1 Sitting on the bike, its high, both feet down-- not quite on the balls of both feet.

2 Felt like you are perched above the bike and not in it (Probably get used to this, and was toward end of test)

3 Into first- loud clonk and forward surge (Hope adjustment--this would piss me off)

4 Gear changes accompanied by clonk unless at optimum revs

5 Throttle very light and snatchy-- a warning issued by instructor---probably get used to this

6 Off road the suspension on the front very hard--not a pleasant experience (250 rally soaks up bumps when not loaded useless with gear on board--is this a price to pay or would adjustment to a compromise be possible? In short it was like driving a jack hammer

7 Clutch heavy---if using all day it would be a chore

8 On road handles very well, brakes good, enough useable power to hustle, screen not much protection

9 Definitely built down to a price, but that's fine if the above is sortable.

I have not ruled the bike out as all may be in adjustment, but would need an extended test drive. I rode bike 12--did anyone else ride this one?

Just my thoughts.


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I think I was 5 or 6. No complaints; the throttle you'd get used to.

Maybe the chain was loose?
I think even I (taller) would go for the lowered seat/kit at cost to comfort.

I am well and truly over tall bike saddles.



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