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Rear Nut removal wrench


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What are you guys carrying on the bike to remove the rear axle nut? I saw the "Eastbound Tenere 700 wheel service tool kit" and it looks pretty cool but also expensive. About $80 before shipping. (I assume shipping is extra when shipping from Europe to the states.) I was thinking of picking up one of these 2 part wrenches shown in the picture. Seems like they would pack light and have good leverage when assembled. You can use the 27mm for the rear axle nut and the 22mm with the "hex nut insert tool" for the front axle. Anyone use one of these wrenches? Thoughts?



Axle hex nut.jpg

Axle hex nut1.jpg

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I've got a few Eastbound tools. Their bead breaker and levers have long handles that are light and compact and have served me well for several home tire changes and one rear tire field repair on a friend's bike.


That said, you can easily source everything for the T7 here in the states. The hex tool you show would work with the motionpro combo wrench: 

Motion Pro - High quality cables, tools and controls for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft.


And a combo lever adapter with a 27mm socket:

Motion Pro - High quality cables, tools and controls for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft.


The socket Eastbound sells in their T7 kit is just a 27mm, low profile socket: 



Low profile 3/8" drive 27mm socket for removing oil filter caps or any other use where a low profile is desired Made from forged steel alloy, CNC machined for a perfect fit, and finished in satin chrome Dual marked size with both a large easy to read laser engraving and a traditional stamped...


I'm finding the Eastbound tools to be compact, light and easy to use, so I'm just adding a 27mm low profile socket to the mix and calling it good. I already have a simple 19mm hex tool from my Super Tenere that I'm using.





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Depending on the thickness of the outer hex you may find the ring doesn’t engage much of the rear axle nut and could slip. The rear nut is recessed on the T7 and kinda favours a socket for removal.

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16 minutes ago, gnortz said:

Nice! I just bought something similar. Motion Pro tire spoon with 32mm wrench and Motion Pro T-6 Combo Lever Adapter (32mm to 27mm/17mm Adapter). 27mm socket for the rear nut and the 17mm socket to use with the hex tool in the front. Plus a tire spoon to help with the tire changes.


I liked the wrench I posted originally but, as Alan M mentioned, I might not be able to get much of the wrench on the nut due to it being recessed.


tire spoon.jpg

hex tool.jpg

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Yamaha T7 Spanner-RRP 613

Does everything to remove the front/rear wheel from the bike.








Haven't done it yet, but I'm bolting the tools to where the passenger pegs were mounted to the frame. Just need to drill two properly space hole into the tool handle. I will do the same for the other side with Motion Pro BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set.



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I carry a the Motion Pro spoon/32mm wrench (like @jeff03064 shows above) as my 3rd spoon.


For the rear I have the Motion Pro 27/22 adapter that fits the spoon.


For front I use that adapter plus this nice little tool from Cruz Tools, 22mm to 19mm hex adapter.



It's probably 1/3 the size and weight of the universal axle tool with 17/19/22/24.  (At least in steel.)


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