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Triple clamp IDs and pics, please.

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I don't own a Tenere 700 yet.   I want to start planning a suspension update.  I own several Yamaha dirt bikes. I've self modded the suspension on every dirt bike I've owned.


Could someone measure the upper and lower triple clamp fork IDs ?  Where the triple clamp pinches the fork tube.

Could someone measure the vertical distance between the upper and lower clamps ?  ie: how far apart are the clamping lands on the forks ?


Could someone please post pictures of the upper and lower triple clamp assemblies ?  I'm especially interested to learn how the preload adjuster works.


I'll share the details to anything that I find out or develop.



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I've watched the videos.  He doesn't mention the specific T700 TC fork tube diameter.   The T700 forks are 43mm, but that isn't the diameter of the TC clamp area.

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