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How would've a T700 handled this ?

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How would have you and a T700 handled this trip ?   The AT struggled mightily.   The DRZ400 roasted its clutch.   Rider inexperience ?   Tough conditions ?   What say ye ?



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Looks a lot like the terrain through the Rockies I did last summer. With the right tires, and appropriate rider ability, the T7 would eat this up. Wouldn't have taken my S10, that's for sure! Surprised you burnt a clutch. Must have been a high miler to begin with, or the rider rides the clutch to keep speed down in the tricky bits. The AT is a heavy bike made MUCH heavier up top with the kitchen sink attached to it...😉I could see why it/he struggled.


Nice area of the world though. Where was that?

I think I have Yamaha disease...

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A Patreon subscription to watch your YouTube adventures, that look like every other ADV bike channel? 🤐

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