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T7 Greetings from Aschaffenburg / Germany


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Hi everybody,


I just wanted to mention briefly ... a new Steel Horse Rider is "back in town" 🙂

After 25 years of abstinence, 3 grown-up children, and also because of Corona, after 7 months in home office (IT job), something positive had to happen in my life, new goals and clearing my head again.


That's why, after reading many test reports and watching YouTube videos, I treated myself to a T700. This great motorcycle came on the market at exactly the right time, and I fell in love with it immediately. It's always something very emotional, especially with cars and motorcycles.


I used to ride various Yamaha enduros, my story started with a DT80 (at the age of 16), then a XT 550, XT 350, XT 600 and finally a XTZ 750 Super Tenere, until 1996.


I've already done a few smaller tours with the T7 (about 200km each) and I'm thrilled, it's just fun. After all the increasing technical overkill in the development of motorcycles in recent years, finally an adventure/travel enduro just for driving and enjoying, without a lot of electronic frills, but relatively light and cheap in comparison. Now I am longingly waiting for the coming spring, for longer tours, perhaps with camping sometimes.


Unfortunately, there is far too much regulation with nature adventures in Germany. When I watch the many travel reports from the USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and also partly in Eastern Europe, Spain, France and Italy, Croatia, and so on ... I sometimes get a little bit jealous.


Well then, I wish everyone here in the forum a lot of fun with your bike, and that those who are still waiting will get their dream bike delivered as soon as possible ... the wait is definitely worth it 😉


Stay healthy in these strange Corona times, I wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and happy holidays.





IMG_3646 (1).jpeg

IMG_3080 (1).jpeg

IMG_2134 (1).jpeg

IMG_2586 (1).jpeg

IMG_2064 (1).jpeg

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