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Denali S4 Lights on/off warning light


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I recently installed a pair of Denali S4 lights with a DataDim controller. Picked up the main beam trigger wire ok and used a relay to get a +12v signal. I used the supplied wiring harness and installed the on/off switch on the left side of the handlebars. The installation was all ok and everything works as intended.

Now having ridden the bike in daylight,  I find myself wondering whether the lights are on or off.

I would like to fit a small LED warning light to indicate when the lights are on. I have checked all the pins in the 6 way connector at the DataDim trying to find a wire that goes on and off with the switch. Completely baffled.

Anyone with electrical knowledge know how to solve this problem?

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Sorry for not answering your question directly, but why don't you try installing a new switch that is easy to see if it is on or off. An illuminating one would be even better. I think it is simpler and cheaper as well. Just a thought.  

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@Stefos Good thought, and it might be the only way, but I'm reluctant to change the switch as it is integrated into the wiring loom and connects directly to the DataDim unit. I think  I have identified the wires to the switch but can't confirm switch operation using a meter.

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