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My Apocalypse Bike


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My go to bike, the one that I would hop on if the poop 💩 hit the fan is my trusty 1999 DR650. 

My reasons are simple, I know every inch of this bike and can most likely keep it running. There are very few places I can't ride through or get to with the old Donkey. It runs on almost any gas I put in it, I'm pretty sure it's not as picky on oil as I am. 

It's not flashy and in fact its pretty forgettable to most observers. 


The old TW200 would rank right up there except for the small gas tank, hard to find tires in a pinch, and its pretty slow going down the road.

Its like a two wheeled tractor and it will go places few....very few other bikes can go. Super quiet also. 


Maybe the Tenere will top my list but I am just getting acquainted with it. 

It certainly has potential but not knowing the nuances of this bike yet I can't properly make that decision yet. 


Would like to know what your get out of Dodge bike would be?

Cheers 🍻 


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