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Checking in from Colorado


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Hello all - 

Been seriously considering a T700 as a move away from my XChallenge.  Different breed of bike for sure, but looking for something a bit more travel friendly (smoother, less vibey) and still maintain decent off road capability. I have some serious tinnitus so noise and vibration reduction are key for me.  That being said, it will take some prying to sell my XC - as its's been setup (and used) for multi-month travel and beyond.  Never let me down. 


Been hanging out over in ADVRider land for some time - and thought I'd join here to get the skinny on this mid-range beast!

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Welcome to the forum! I think most would tell you to make the jump to the T7. If you can have both, all the better.  But honestly the T7 can fill just about any role you want it to.  With a few farkles it can be a dirt squirter, commuter, adv tourer or all the above. The aftermarket is exploding with parts to make it fill any role short of a luxury touring rig. The CP2 engine is considered one of the most reliable in motorcycling. If you can get a ride on one, I think you will be a fan. 

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I just bought one (1 week ago ~300 miles in) and I really love it. I have a Bonnie so it’s a very different bike. I’m 5’7” so it’s definitely a little tall for me, but once my feet are on the pegs I feel really comfortable. I’ve not taken it off the road yet but I can say for street riding it’s so smooth and easy to ride (nice and quiet and basically zero vibrations - I’m actually a little weary of changing too much with the motor because of how smooth is it now). It’s a great ride - the windscreen could probably be an inch or two taller to be for real long distance - but that’s easy to address). 

Find a way to ride one and I think you’ll be happily surprised.  

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Thanks for the welcome to both of you and good comments.   I have not ridden one yet - but had a chance to sit on one a week or so ago.  


Marc - yes, I think for the style of riding I do, the T700 fits the bill with the correct mod package. I'd probably keep both until one or the other started to collect more dust  😀


Dakota - I'm also 5'7" and wondered about seat height. After sitting on one though I really liked the ergos - as it stands now.  My XC is quite tall and I feel that if I had to "upgrade" the seat on T700, I'd probably land in about the same spot I'm in now. If I left the T700 stock - it actually feels better than my XC, height wise. Of course as you say - being shorter - it's never bothered me much or held me back on or off road when in riding position. Need to ride one for sure.



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