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my thinking about my T7


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Hello  for all   

i am new here , also new for the T7 but with my short time with i think it's the ¨swiss army¨adv .

My background on  the tenere 660 xtz, i didn't like it cos the 5 speed & the 1 cylinder . after i had the GSA 1200 2014,(i did long distance trip 8500 km balkan greece) very good motorcycle, very comfortable but too complicated concerning the electronic, the bike fell while standing  to his left side, where is the ring control on the handlebars, the light and the horn stop working 

Before the T7 i was thinking about the africa twin, excellent bike but too expensive.  

I bought the T7 with a lot of extra in very good price.so how i feel the bike for me?

lts little high - can put lower kit 

Not so comfy for long distance - maybe can upgrade to comfort seat

Lass wind protection - can put high windscreen  

Lass power then my previous GSA - maybe its better 

Tube tire - can feel with OKO X-Treme Dirt Bike to prevent a puncture, Special material for tires with inner tubes

Link above⬇️ for this product 


OKO XT is a breakthrough tyre sealant for enduro, motocross, dirt and trial motorbikes. Who needs mousse? Also great for mopeds with tubes.


The only issue for me as not technical person it's the chain tension 

The T7 is a simple motorcycle to work on. everything is available in front of you  concerning technical maintenance.

I did a small trip from Paris to Milan by the curvy  France Alps roads and enjoy it. The motorcycle is lightweight, easy to control, stable on highway and forgiven for less experience rider like me.

For me today it's the japanese reliability with low price on maintenance .  

Ride Safe

IMG-2040 (1).jpg

IMG-2045 (1).jpg

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New bike looks great, used the OKO stuff and works great. Rarely get puntures however  two whilst in Spain off roading, sorted out the flats in minutes and held up till the next tyre replacement!

look a great trip!

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