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Givi Crash Bar bags - experiences?


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There are givi crash bar bags for the t700?


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Revisiting this thread as I have the Givi bars and am still looking for a solution for crash bar bags that mount to said bars with confidence, are waterproof, will be able to endure some abuse and don't look completely out of place on the bike.  I have been considering the following (but haven't actually had any on hand to test-mount):

  • Wolfman Rollie WP small
  • Kriega OS-6
  • Enduristan Base Pack 6.5L
  • Giant Loop Possibles Pouch
  • Lomo Crash Bar Bags (good value but maybe not built quite as tough as the above options?)
  • Would consider doing Mosko 4L molle bags as they're built tough and have plenty of mounting points, but they're not fully waterproof.  Might still be worth doing if I can live with non-waterproof option as they would match my Reckless 80 🙂

I'm not interested in the Givi crash bar bags themselves as they have a bunch of negative reviews online for their quality control.  Plus from what I can tell they're not specifically designed to mount to these particular crash bars anyway.

Whatcha think?

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On 12/31/2020 at 8:32 PM, Miamimotoboy said:

Anyone tried mounting the Givi crash bar bags on the OEM crash bars?  Thoughts?

Yes Me !

I fitted the Givi bars and then purchase the Givi bags, interesting that the shape of the bars was not particularly suitable for bag fitment, but after 2000 Miles of Touring Spain in October with bags fitted, all was fine, I found that packing something soft on the inner bag surface nearest to the bar gave a firmer, non slip fit, but either way nothing dropped off or rotated to a weird angle, The top loop of the bag needs to be tight, this will keep it in place.


Apologies, I misread the Question... Oops... My crashbars are not OEM... I will leave the reply here for anyone who may find it useful..haha.. not enough coffee yet !

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I have the Lomo bags for the crash bars. They mount easy and are about the right size at 6L each. 

We built to. Great for trashing waterproofs. 




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