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Very heavy tall rider questions.


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Sorry if this has been answered before but I looked through this forum and either couldn't find the right info or couldn't decipher the right info as I'm very new to motorcycles.


I'm 6'6" (198.1cm) and 305lbs (138kg). I am planning on losing weight but I do a bit of strength training and coaching so it's only going to be 30lbs at most until I decide to stop. 


Anyway, I am planning on grabbing a Tenere 700 next month as I do want to add some fun to my camping trips and I figure it would be a good commuter too and it's perfectly within by budget, however I haven't been able to find much information about people my weight and height riding this bike. I know that I have to replace the rear spring at least and possibly the fork springs and adjust some rebound settings but that's about it. I really don't know what parts to buy to do so, I can follow a youtube tutorial and I am decently mechanically minded and have access to a bunch of tools but I don't really know what parts to buy, where to buy them and what I have to do to adjust this bike to my weight.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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Based on what I've seen you will probably be needing:

Upgraded rear shock - (>90Nm)

Stronger fork springs

OEM Rally seat (or wait for a Seat Concepts tall offering)

Lower footpegs & bar risers (depending on ergonomic fit)

Lower windscreen (produces clean airflow less buffeting - go with this one from Powerbronze), or go the opposite direction and get a massive screen (which I would not recommend on an offroad biased bike.)

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Location: Central Ontario, Canada

Riding footage: www.instagram.com/beefmoto

Message me if you are close - let's go riding!

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Like above you will need the strongest rear spring from Rally raid, @Ktmmitchwill be able to assist with the front springs or a cartridge set.. My rear is from rally raid and the fronts are from ktech and I think I went for 6.2nm front but I need to check my build thread.. 👍 

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Thank you both, I just ordered the 95nm spring from rally raid. I checked ktech and these seem to be the beefiest they have for front fork springs. A little costly to import but not bad. I looked up changing these out and it doesn't seem too bad. 


K-Tech fork springs are manufactured from the highest grade Chrome Silicone wire, each spring is cold coiled, heat treated, pre set and ground to length before being polished for ultimate performance. All springs have their rate laser etched on the end and are manufactured to DIN 2095 grade...

After I allocate some cash for the crash bars and barkbusters I'll grab the rally seat too because that seems like a good idea. I'll check out the foot pegs and bar risers too but I want to wait until I get a few miles on it to see how i like it. Thank you both!

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Old thread but who knows, you may have accumulated some experience by now and be happy to share it with another tall fellow rider. I am 6'7 and 200lb, and I am still trying to find acceptable ergonomics on the bike. I logged ~7K, with 1K off road and this is what I noticed so far:

  • Bar riser: it was counter productive for me. It reduced the distance between me and the handlebar, exactly the opposite of what I felt I needed, especially when standing up. I watched a video about using a Rox riser at 90 degrees and then a straighter bar to make it more comfortable when standing up. That would be ~$230 investment and I would like to have feedback from other riders/experts before blindly taking the hit.
  • Lower pegs also did not work for me. With the angle my knees have and the limited lowering range of the shifter pedal, I cannot raise my ankle enough to shift down, so I have to rise the boot from the footpeg . I have a similar situation with the rear break and, currently, this is the worse issue I have.
  • Break and clutch levers: very long hands and fingers would require inclining forward the levers beyond what is reasonable/possible. The previous owner had installed shorter levers that can be angled down without moving their attachment. Those helped to mitigate this issue.
  • Seat: I still have to try a taller seat. With a 36" inseam, I would be more than comfortable with a seat 5" taller than stock one. The tallest I found is the tall comfort/rally from seat concepts. Anyone tried them?
  • Suspensions: harder springs worked great but seeing that I also ride 2 up + luggage, I opted also for a beefier shock and cartridges.

Currently, riding standing up is more like a torture than anything else. I have to squat so much to maintain back form that no matter how much I train, my legs give up in max two hours. If I keep legs form, I end up way too forward and way too inclined for my neck to work.


Any experience, help and suggestion would be more than welcome! 🙂

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Interesting how differently we find our bikes.

I'm 6'6" / 198 cm / 240 lbs / 110 kg / 36" inseam

Yamaha rally seat and 95 NM rear spring.

Perfect comfort and even minimal buffeting with standard windscreen.

Traded up (down?) from a T12 with Touratech tall comfort seat and bar riser and I find the T7 more comfortable sitting or standing.

Just my 2 c.



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Interesting indeed. I will try the rally raid seat, thank you. Based on your and others feedback, probably most of my problem standing up are likely due to poor technique.

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I am 6’4”, 225 lbs with a 35” inseam.  I installed a KTech 9.0 rear shock spring and .66 fork springs….the bike is much better.  I also installed 15mm lower SW Motech Ion foot pegs, a Yamaha 41mm taller Rally seat, and MotoPumps windshield adjuster.

I did have to Dremel some material from the aluminum foot peg bracket to allow more downward clearance for the shift lever.  The ergos are much better after the modifications.  I also have a 2021 Super Tenere which has more relaxed ergos.



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Thanks, will look into your foot pegs and shaving off material from the bracket to lower the shifter.

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